We are all about the flavours at The Sweet Peach – a cake should taste as good as it looks!

Each of our cakes consist of either 4 or 6 layers of moist sponge, filled with a delicious, flavoured syrup, flavoured free from buttercream or ganache and a homemade jam, curd or caramel.

Many of our sponges contain fruit, nuts or even vegetables, our chocolate fudge cake for example, is packed with avocado for a delicious creamy texture- yes it’s still a cake but a bit of nutrition always feels good!

All of our cakes are either dairy free / vegan. Please see * for flavours which can also be made free from gluten ingredients.


Vanilla and Raspberry *

Lemon (and Raspberry optional) *

Banana, Date and Pecan

Chocolate Fudge (and Raspberry optional)*

Biscoff and Caramel Sponge

Coffee and Walnut

Spring / Summer

Lime, White Chocolate and Passionfruit

Blood Orange, Juniper and Gin

Sunshine Carrot *

Autumn / Winter

Pistachio, Orange and Cardamon *

Spiced Apple and Salted Caramel

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pear *


Please specify any free from requirements when ordering your cake.

All of our cakes at the Sweet Peach are free from dairy ingredients (and often free from eggs) and many can also be made free from soya and gluten/wheat ingredients; however, please be aware that they are made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

We have a 5 * hygiene rating and take allergies very seriously; we make every effort to avoid cross contamination, however, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a 100% free from environment.

Whilst some products used may not contain a specific allergenic ingredient, they may have been produced in a factory which handles the allergen in question, and therefore may state, “may contain…”

Please note, we are not a nut free cake company. A wise pastry chef friend once told us you can’t please everyone, and whilst we like to be as inclusive as possible, nuts are the best of friends for dairy and vegan sponges, they really help to create delicious cakes!

Please feel free to ask for further information regarding allergens upon contact.